Canyon Međuriječ

The Međurije canyon is located at the border between Bar and Ulcinj. On the southern slopes of Mount Rumija. It has everything that a canyon should have: verticals of 2-32m, slides, jumps. A real pleasure for people looking for adventure. 

Access to the canyon is easy, only ten minutes away on a macadam road in the village of Međurije. At the very beginning of the canyon you will have a vertical of 32m. The passage through the canyon lasts 5h.

Passing through the canyon is possible in 5h

The price depends on the number of participants, hotel type, type of vehicle, additional activities and other factors that your travel agent will kindly show you and help you get to the best itinerary and price.

The price includes:

- Insurance

- Equipment

- CD with photos and videos

Tour type: Active; Adventure; Climbing; Jumping; Swimming.

Weight: Medium

Recommended months: May, June, July, August, September

Municipality: Bar, Ulcinj

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