The Nevidio Canyon is a part of the River Komarnica, which springs at the foot of the southern slopes of Durmitor, more precisely in Dobr Dol. Pervading the passages between the peaks of Boljski Beams (2091m) and Lojanika (2091m) to reappear in a pitiful valley as a permanent river.

The Škurda canyon is located above Kotor and starts from the Austro-Hungarian dam. The canyon is extremely beautiful with a large number of descents over 20m. The duration of the passage through the canyon is 6-8h. A short version covers the last third of a dozen descents.

The Međurije canyon is located at the border between Bar and Ulcinj. On the southern slopes of Mount Rumija. It has everything that a canyon should have: verticals of 2-32m, slides, jumps. A real pleasure for people looking for adventure. 

The Vruća Reka Canyon is located in the vicinity of Bar. Only the starting point is located in the village of Gornji Mikulici, more precisely at the mosque where there is parking for vehicles. End of the canyon and exit in the olive groves near the walls of the Old Bar (oilseeds).

The Rikavac Canyon is located above the Old Bar. The starting point is some 10 minutes by car from Starag Bar. The canyon from the beginning goes a very heated trough in the length of 1500m. 

Thirty kilometers from Podgorica, along the main road to Kolasin in Moraca canyon, there is the canyon Bogutovski creek, which flows into Moraca. The start of the canyon is located in the village of Bogutov do, a 20-minute drive from the highway along the hill on a poor asphalt road.